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Our Strategy

Purpose-Based Asset Management (PBAM):

DAG employes a Purposed-Based Asset Management (PBAM) approach that identifies the multiple purposes each investor has and creates separate strategic “compartments” for each. These compartments provide the structure and discipline necessary for prudent, less emotional investment decision-making process.


Cash – How much cash do you need to keep “on hand”? This money needs to be liquid and is used in money market funds, short- term treasury and short-term FDIC-insured CDs.

Income – How much income do you need or want – now and in the future? This money is used to generate cash flow. DAG uses a unique strategy of investing in zero coupon municipal and government issues.

Growth – What are your growth plans? DAG’s growth strategy decisions are based on academic research and Modern Portfolio Theory. This strategy attempts to reduce risk and speculation that relies on timing and stock selection for its performance.

The PBAM strategy understands that every investor has multiple risk tolerances for their finances. Each compartment is treated separately so the investor can be more confident that the critical needs could be met for each purpose-based compartment.